Collaboration with Canadian Video Artist Michael Alstad on his work “Liquid Cohesion” for Toronto Nuit Blanche 2012.

Liquid Cohesion is a large scale projection piece premièred at Commerce Court, Toronto during Nuit Blanche. The piece consists of a 40′ projection onto the surface of a large pool in the centre of the courtyard. A performer walks through the pool and interacts with the projections through the use of video motion tracking.

The projection was achieved by projectors mounted on the roof of a nearby 7 story office building. A combination of custom software and max/msp patches handled the playback, geometry mapping and motion tracking. The software also played back the multichannel sountrack.

My role was two-fold, creating the content with Michael from his original footage and collaborating with Phil from Segue Video Solutions on the custom hardware and software design and coding.

A beautiful piece full of colour and movement.




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