FORD Canada – Toronto Autoshow


Create a dynamic multi-screen entryway display for the FORD Canada booth at the 2010 Toronto Autoshow.


Working with an idea conceived by the designers at KUBIK and Carl Tucker at PRG Toronto, we created the image capture and control systems to capture, in real-time, images of patrons entering the venue via an escalator and display the images on a video screen mosaic at the top of the escalator. Visitors could see their images moments later as they entered the booth at the top of the escalator. Alternating with the captured images were a super high resolution FORD logo and car image. These images animated onto the mosaic of screens at predetermined intervals. To capture the images, retro-fitted Apple Imac computers were suspended at the sides of the escalators. These provided the opportunity to play product visuals and, using our custom motion sensors and software, capture the images of passing visitors.

The software was created in collaboration with Segue Video Solutions, Toronto.

We entered the project with a very compressed time frame. Many long days were spent creating the software and custom motion sensors to trigger the image captures. The most vivid part of the install was the high res image of the car and logo. The screen mosaic was 7m wide x 4m high and the final image had an eye-popping resolution of 20,000 x 12,000 pixels. A lot of work but well worth it.

White Iphone dump oct 6 392 IMG_0346 White Iphone dump oct 6 362 White Iphone dump oct 6 377 White Iphone dump oct 6 378

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