Brief: Create an immersive dynamic projection environment for the York at 50 Gala at York University in Toronto. Included were motion backdrops for live stage performances and multimedia modules created with content from the university archives. The modules reflected the history and achievements for each the university faculties at York. This gala event was the centre piece of a year of celebrations.

Three walls of the venue had large 3d mapped projections which surrounded the audience.

The venue, The Faire and Fecan Recital Hall in the Faculty of Performing Arts at York, was a beautiful site for the projections. The surfaces are subtly curved and painted light beige. All my shots looked super vibrant. For the audiences arrival the walls slowly cycled through the names of all the York grads since it began. We were not able to get through all 70,000 ish in 30 minutes but the feel of the volume of graduates was certainly there (and some people enjoyed catching the names of some famous York alumni).

Many thanks to Alida Keenleyside who assisted with the collection of the archived source materials and Renee Brode for her lovely lighting.

set 10

set 121

set 7

set 1

retracing fred 6

bach dual 7


sset 4

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