Happy Snaps – event software

On the heels of our work on the Toronto Autoshow we leveraged our newly developed image capture software to create a piece of retail/rental software for corporate events, parties etc.

Called Auto Happy Snaps it is a system that has multiple remote “photo booth” stations that are placed around an event. The captured images are then sent in real time to be played on a large screen(s). The response has been great and it has proven to be a lot of fun. The audiences seem to really like the unattended nature of the picture stations, and it lends a wonderful candid feel to the images.

There has been a lot of interest in having a video version that would allow remote “Speakers Corner” VLOG style stations. Like the stills version, it would also be able to transmit to a central web server or media server for on-the-fly integration into a live presentation.

When  we have the time and solidify the interest we will get on it, it sounds like fun.

(Thanks to Adam Hughes at AV Strategies Toronto for the ad sheet below, they are offering the software as an option in their event packages)

Auto Happy Snaps Flyer_001

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