Traces – (re)Tracing Fred

(re)Tracing Fred

YORK UNIVERSITY, Da Collision Dance

Projection Design

“From screen stars Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly to Elvis Presley, John Travolta and Jon Heder’s Napoleon Dynamite(Re)Tracing Fred reinterprets Hollywood film’s choreography for males, exploring the ever-present assumption that there is something inherently masculine in the danced languages that Hollywood constructs for men.”

Darcy Callison – Choreographer

Ines Buchli – co-director

Elizabeth Asselstine – lighting designer

Original music by John Lang

Costumes by Barb Starr

Based on the initial concept of “traces”, for the media design we created a multi-dimensional layered environment with the dancers woven between the images. Much of the source material came from Hollywood films from the 1920 though to present day. One of the pleasures of working on the design was the time spent watching great films.

Great work by Liz Asselstine on creating beautiful lighting in amongst the myriad projection surfaces, no small achievement. Well done!

fred 1700 fred 144 fred 181 fred 244 fred 285 fred 1001 fred 1049 fred 1060 fred 1147 fred 1149 fred 1393 fred 1417

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